Según leí la presentación estuvo muy buena!
quiero ver fotos del backstage

acá hay mas: Shakira & Adam Lambert @ Florida’s Jingle Ball | I Need My Fix

mm hay mismo hay una pequeña reseña sobre shaki

Shakira and Adam Lambert shook what their momma gave them at Y100’s Jingle Ball in Florida yesterday. Shakira recently admitted to the Daily Telegraph that her song lyrics don’t always make sense:
“It’s hard to explain my lyrics because sometimes I just write things because they rhyme. I found this metaphor, and I thought it made a lot of sense. A coffee machine in an office has everybody’s fingerprints on it. Sometimes I feel like that.”
“Now that I have the chance to sit down with journalists, I can relax when it comes to music and not use it as another instrument of communication. ”When I write, my subconscious somehow finds its way to the surface. It’s not such an intellectual process, it’s more organic.”
She almost makes songwriting sound easy.